What It Was: Haiti's 1st Ghetto Biennale

photo: Ghetto Biennale signage
Photo © by John Cussans

In addition to the interesting, unedited video clip (above, courtesy of Emily Troutman), here are some wonderful photos from Haiti's first Ghetto Biennale events, held December 2009, in the Grand Rue area.

photo: PRI, Ghetto Biennale

The earthquake that hit Haiti, early January, came right on the heels of its first Ghetto Biennale, of which I had considered partaking. Reports on-line have mentioned that some of the Grand Rue scupltors are fine, although I've heard no word on Leah Gordon who helped organize.

Ghetto Biennale looks like it was something very special.

 Photo: PRI, Ghetto Biennale

Photo: PRI, Ghetto Biennale

"We have stumbled but we will not fall"
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